Concrete Blanket Rentals in Northern Kentucky

When pouring concrete and curing concrete, weather is always a factor that needs to be considered.  The seasonal changes in climate that are experienced in the Midwest need to be examined and figured into the process – the hot and humid summers, cool falls, cold winters and damp springs.  When pouring concrete in cold weather,… Read More

Automotive Tool Rental – Equipment Rental in Northern Kentucky

Nothing is quite as rewarding or challenging as restoring or repairing your own vehicle.  Doing it yourself allows you to save money and do the job the way that you would like for it to be done.  Not to mention that you can take the credit for the end result.  Maintaining your own vehicle can… Read More

Log Splitter Rentals

With the winter months fast approaching, there is nothing like the warmth and comfort of a wood burning fireplace or stove.   Using Wood for heating your house to supplement your main heating system is a great idea.  It also allows you the peace of mind that it can save you in an emergency or when… Read More

Pig Roaster Rentals For Your Holiday Feast

As the holiday season fast approaches and thoughts of family, friends and food begin to swirl in your head, so does the realization that the family is coming to your house for that infamous family feast. Whether you traditionally roast a pig during the holidays or this is your first attempt, Steffen’s Rental has the… Read More

Rubber Tire Skid Steer Rentals in Northern Kentucky

A Rubber Tire Skid Steer loader is a very versatile piece of construction equipment. Their maneuverability, compact size and ability to utilize a numerous range of different attachments make them extremely valuable in manufacturing, construction, landscaping, recycling and many other projects. At Steffen’s Rentals we can help you with your rental needs. No matter what… Read More

Rent the New Doosan Excavator for Your Large Projects

The Doosan Excavator is an ideal excavator for large projects because it can deliver the stability and performance that you need for heavy duty digging and lifting.   Steffen’s Rental has the Doosan Excavator available for rent for your large projects in Northern Kentucky, Cincinnati, Southern Indiana and the surrounding areas. The Doosan Excavator is equipped… Read More

The Best Source for Aerial Lift Rentals

What are aerial lifts? Aerial lifts are boom-supported aerial platforms attached to a vehicle to allow access to aboveground work. The aerial lift has a work platform that gives people and equipment access to otherwise inaccessible areas. Construction workers, maintenance crews, or firefighters usually use these temporary platforms to work or for emergency situations. Aerial… Read More

Party Rentals For All Ages!

Party Rentals For All Ages! Make Your Party Unforgettable and Hassle-Free with Quality Party Rentals Don’t celebrate your child’s birthday or graduation by having a couple relatives over for a slice of cake. Mark these milestones with a party they’ll never forget! Steffen’s Rental can provide the party rentals you need to make your Northern… Read More

Trash Chute Rentals for Construction and Large Residential Projects

Trash Chute Rentals for Construction and Large Residential Projects If you’re in need of a proper method for disposing the debris from your latest project, renting the appropriate trash chute to complete the job will ultimately save you time and money. Whether you’re working on a large residential job around your home or you need… Read More