Renting Plumbing Equipment & Pumps

While any home owner should be comfortable with doing casual maintenance and repairs around their house, some problems call for bigger equipment that you may not have on hand or, if the problem is too much to handle by yourself, a professional. At Steffen’s Rental, serving Northern Kentucky and Southern Ohio, we want you to… Read More

Equipment Rentals for Dealing with After-Storm Debris

If you find yourself in a situation where a storm has left large debris in your yard, like partially destroyed or completely uprooted trees you can be faced with quite a hassle. If you are planning to remove the tree from your property by yourself, it is important to have the right equipment. To ensure… Read More

The Purple Excavator and Other Excavator Rentals in Northern Kentucky

  When you have a construction project that requires a lot of equipment, our professionals at Steffen’s Rental can help you with excavator rentals in Northern Kentucky, Cincinnati, and the surrounding areas, including Southern Indiana. Most major construction projects require the use of a trackhoe or excavator: they are used for various tasks, from removing large… Read More

Spring Landscaping Equipment Rentals: Trenchers, Stump Grinders and Chippers

As Spring time approaches it is time to start thinking about spring cleaning not just inside your home but your outdoor space as well.  Yard clean up should be the first step in the process.  Clearing all dead and overgrown trees, stumps and plants as well as clearing debris will uplift the appearance of your… Read More

Equipment Rental for Floor Care, Cleaning and Installation

The flooring in your home takes the brunt of your family’s daily activities.  If not protected, they will be the first surfaces to show wear and tear.  Making sure to properly install your flooring and then maintain it with proper care and cleaning are of the utmost importance.  Investing in your home’s flooring will allow… Read More

Equipment Rental: Insulation Vacuum and Blowers

    With winter comes the cold, which often can lead to high heating bills.  Insulating your home can help alleviate those high heating bills.  Insulation can help you reduce your heating and cooling bill year-round.  At Steffen’s Rental, we have the equipment that you need for all of your insulating projects to include insulation… Read More

Concrete Blanket Rentals in Northern Kentucky

When pouring concrete and curing concrete, weather is always a factor that needs to be considered.  The seasonal changes in climate that are experienced in the Midwest need to be examined and figured into the process – the hot and humid summers, cool falls, cold winters and damp springs.  When pouring concrete in cold weather,… Read More

Automotive Tool Rental – Equipment Rental in Northern Kentucky

Nothing is quite as rewarding or challenging as restoring or repairing your own vehicle.  Doing it yourself allows you to save money and do the job the way that you would like for it to be done.  Not to mention that you can take the credit for the end result.  Maintaining your own vehicle can… Read More

Log Splitter Rentals

With the winter months fast approaching, there is nothing like the warmth and comfort of a wood burning fireplace or stove.   Using Wood for heating your house to supplement your main heating system is a great idea.  It also allows you the peace of mind that it can save you in an emergency or when… Read More

Pig Roaster Rentals For Your Holiday Feast

As the holiday season fast approaches and thoughts of family, friends and food begin to swirl in your head, so does the realization that the family is coming to your house for that infamous family feast. Whether you traditionally roast a pig during the holidays or this is your first attempt, Steffen’s Rental has the… Read More