A Brief History of the Backhoe

The backhoe is a large excavating machine that is most commonly recognized by the large two-part arm that scoops up dirt with a digging bucket. These machines are excellent choices for a large range of home improvement and commercial construction projects. Let Steffen’s Rental of Florence and Covington, Kentucky, inform you about the interesting history… Read More

A Brief History of the Forklift

The forklift is a common construction and warehouse tool. While the forklift is one of the most widely used machines in the industrial industry, many people do not know the history of this necessary machine. Let Steffen’s Rental of Florence and Covington, Kentucky, tell you a brief history of the forklift. Early Invention The forklift… Read More

Our New Towmaster Dump Trailers

Hydraulic Dump T-12 HD The first dump trailer that Steffen’s Rental now offers is the Hydraulic Dump T-12HD. This dump trailer is ideal for many jobs. The biggest of our two dump trailer options, the Hydraulic Dump T-12HD is perfect for heavy duty jobs. Easily able to haul heavy pieces of machinery, like a skid-… Read More

Our 3 Types of Aerial Work Platforms

What are aerial work platforms? Occasionally known as aerial lifts, they are vehicle-mounted devices that are used to elevate and lift staff and personnel. We offer AWP’s in the style of slab-type scissor lifts and boom lifts, drivable boom lifts, and towable boom lifts. Because aerial lifts are so easy to maneuver and position, these… Read More

A Century of Steffen’s in Covington

Steffen’s Rental is more than just Northern Kentucky and Southern Ohio’s go-to source for tools and equipment rentals. In fact, Steffen’s has been a part of the Northern Kentucky landscape for a century, and this long-standing relationship with the area has shaped Steffen’s both as a business, and as a part of the community. We… Read More

Renting Plumbing Equipment & Pumps

While any home owner should be comfortable with doing casual maintenance and repairs around their house, some problems call for bigger equipment that you may not have on hand or, if the problem is too much to handle by yourself, a professional. At Steffen’s Rental, serving Northern Kentucky and Southern Ohio, we want you to… Read More

Equipment Rentals for Dealing with After-Storm Debris

If you find yourself in a situation where a storm has left large debris in your yard, like partially destroyed or completely uprooted trees you can be faced with quite a hassle. If you are planning to remove the tree from your property by yourself, it is important to have the right equipment. To ensure… Read More