The Lawn Equipment You Need to Rent This Spring

Spring is in full bloom and the only way to make sure your yard is looking great all year long is to get a start now. For the perfect lawn, seeding, leaf blowing, and edging are all necessary, but that doesn’t mean you need to worry about the costly price of hiring a professional to complete these tasks. Make your lawn your DIY project this year and let Steffen’s Rental help. At Steffen’s Rental, serving all Northern Kentucky and Southern Ohio, we can show you all the lawn equipment you need for spring that is available to rent for your lawn care project.


First and foremost, if you still have leftovers from winter, like dead leaves and debris, in your yard, you should remove this immediately for the health of your lawn. Not only does debris cause an unsightly appearance, it ruins the health of your grass and flower beds.  To remove debris efficiently and quickly, a leaf blower is the perfect option. At Steffen’s Rental, we offer both the Billy Goat walk behind leaf blower, for large areas that need leaf blowing, and the Stihl handheld leaf blower for rent. Both items will help you clear your yard of debris, setting up the perfect base for the rest of your spring lawn care.


After you have cleared your yard of debris you may notice bare patches where grass is sparse. If this is the case, seeding should be your next project. Seeding grass should be done as early as possible because it is essential that the grass has time to take root before the hot and dry summer months. Whether you need to seed a small space with a hand crank method, or a larger space with a self-propelled seeder, Steffen’s has affordable and convenient rental options that will meet your needs.

Aerate and Dethatch

You want to have the most beautiful lawn in your neighborhood, and Steffen’s Rental is here to help you do that. Rent one of our lawn aerators to make sure that necessary air and nutrients can get to your lawn, so that it will look beautiful and healthy. Also, renting one of our dethatchers can guarantee that you are only cultivating gorgeous green grass by getting rid of thick, unsightly thatch on your lawn.

Edge Beds

Early spring is the best time to edge the flowerbeds in your lawn. Because the soil is so soft and moist at this time of the year, it is easier to edge now than it will be later.  Whether you choose to edge by hand or rent a motorized edger to get the job done, make around a 3” deep, V-shaped trench between your lawn and your flower beds. Edging will improve the overall look of your lawn and help to avoid grass in your flowerbed after every mow. Freshen up your trench after every mow by using a string trimmer or digging out mulch and grass that has filled the trench to ensure that your lawn looks it best.

At Steffen’s Rental, located in Florence, Kentucky we can help you with all your lawn equipment rental needs. Let our team of experts help you get started on your spring lawn care project by giving us a call today to get started!