Renting Plumbing Equipment & Pumps


While any home owner should be comfortable with doing casual maintenance and repairs around their house, some problems call for bigger equipment that you may not have on hand or, if the problem is too much to handle by yourself, a professional. At Steffen’s Rental, serving Northern Kentucky and Southern Ohio, we want you to know when to rent plumbing equipment and pumps to save yourself the cost of calling in a professional.

Common Plumbing Problems

Slow or Clogged Pipes

If your sinks, drains, or toilets are not disposing of water as they properly should, your drain may be clogged or partially blocked. While a plunger can usually solve most of these problems, forcing air through the pipe to dislodge the clog or blockage, or commercial drain cleaning products can deteriorate your pipes without solving the issue. Some cases require more heavy duty equipment. Because debris in your pipes can cause real issues to your home, it is necessary that you handle the problem as soon as you can to prevent further damage. Snakes and drain cameras, which are easy to rent, are one way to investigate what is causing the issue in your plumbing. Use these tools to completely remove debris manually and get your plumbing running like normal.

Leaky Pipes

If you stumble upon a puddle in your basement or discover mold beneath your sink, a leaky or broken pipe could be behind the mess. While leaks may seem harmless, they can be a huge and costly nuisance if not cared for properly. Because leaks usually occur at the joints of pipes, many people resort to joint fillers and compounds to solve the issue. Unfortunately, these are only temporary resolutions. Replacing piping in your home can seem like a huge task and to many it may be too large to accomplish. But, if you think you are ready to replace leaky pipes in your home, Steffen’s Rental has just the tools you will need to rent. Ratchets, reamers, and stands may be essential to your project, and Steffen’s can assure you an easy and hassle free rental process.


Flooding is one of the biggest horrors of homeownership. Water can destroy carpets, hardwood, and many of your personal belongings, and on top of it all, calling in a professional to fix the issue can be costly. If your home has minor flooding that is of manageable size for you to handle yourself, water pump rental is a great way to save money on water removal. After you have removed the standing water you will need to ensure that everything is appropriately dried and cleaned to avoid mildew or mold damage, but this task can be completely by yourself as well. Also, to help ameliorate any damage from the flooding, we offer dehumidifiers and carpet blowers to help get your home dry again.

If you need plumbing rental equipment or pumps, Steffen’s Rental of Florence, Kentucky is here to help with all your needs. Contact our team of expert today with any questions about our rentals!