The Purple Excavator and Other Excavator Rentals in Northern Kentucky


When you have a construction project that requires a lot of equipment, our professionals at Steffen’s Rental can help you with excavator rentals in Northern Kentucky, Cincinnati, and the surrounding areas, including Southern Indiana. Most major construction projects require the use of a trackhoe or excavator: they are used for various tasks, from removing large objects to digging trenches, and are used for almost every construction project. If you have a construction project that you need to tackle, let the experts at Steffen’s Rental provide you with the right tools!


An excavator, also known as a trackhoe, is a piece of heavy construction equipment that includes a bucket, dipper, boom, and cab that are all mounted to a rotating platform. The platform is called a house and is mounted to an undercarriage that has wheels or tracks. An excavator can be used for many things including digging. It is most commonly used to grade and create trenches, but can also be used to haul materials, demolition, brush removal, and mining.

Renting an Excavator

When looking to rent an excavator, it is important that you pay attention to its specifications. We have many sizes of excavators available, but each of them have different operating weights, digging depths, bucket capacities and power ranges. You will want to discuss these factors with our professionals, because those factors will determine the amount of material you can move and how long it will take you to complete your job.

A smaller mini excavator can be cheaper but will not be able to move as much material as a larger model. However, if your job is smaller and is in a tight space it may be a good option. We offer compact class or mini excavators from 2400 to 18,000 pounds. Many homeowners rent these as opposed to some of our bigger excavators. They can be used in place of a backhoe for many of your at-home projects such as drainage issues.

You may also consider renting an excavator with a Hydraulic Thumb, commonly called a grapple attachment. Steffens also offers a Concrete Demolition Hammer attachment on almost all of our excavator sizes. The staff at
Steffen’s Rental can help you with determining what type of attachment may be available to suit your equipment needs.

Digging for a Cure

Steffen’s Rental is promoting Alzheimer’s awareness and is working to help find a cure. We have a purple excavator available for rent that has been painted for the Alzheimer’s Awareness Association (the official color for Alzheimer’s awareness) and 10% of each rental of our purple excavator is donated to the cause.

Our theme for the purple excavator project is “Digging for a Cure!” We even have a few signs that can accompany this special excavator that state its purpose, all in the name of promoting Alzheimer’s Awareness while you complete your construction project.

If your construction project requires an excavator rental, Steffen’s Rental can help you. We can help you think your project through and advise you on what is required to complete your project in a timely and cost effective manner.