Equipment Rentals for Dealing with After-Storm Debris

If you find yourself in a situation where a storm has left large debris in your yard, like partially destroyed or completely uprooted trees you can be faced with quite a hassle. If you are planning to remove the tree from your property by yourself, it is important to have the right equipment. To ensure that the debris is taken care of properly and that the tree and its stump is removed entirely, a stump grinder and chipper will be necessary for this project, as well as a dump trailer to haul off the debris when you are finished.  At Steffen’s Rental, serving Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati, we can help you with all equipment rental for your tree and debris removal project.

Chipper Towbehind 10”

A chipper is a machine used to reduce wood from fallen or excavated trees into smaller, more easily removed, woodchips. Chippers are portable machines that you can tow behind your car for easy placement and mobility for your project. Simply place the tree limb or tree section into the hopper, activate the chipping mechanism, and then wait as the wood is chipped into tiny pieces and deposited in a collection area. At Steffen’s Rental, we offer a 10” Chipper Towbehind for rent. It costs $250.00 a day or $1,000.00 per week and requires diesel fuel for operation.

We also carry a 6” chipper for small limbs under 6”. It rents for $155.00 daily.

Stump Grinder- Track, 27HP Barreto

A stump grinder is a piece of equipment that is essential in the efficient removal of tree stumps. Usually, stump grinders incorporate a cutter wheel with carbide teeth that are affixed to the wheels. Using hydraulic cylinders to operate, the cutter is pushed into the tree stump and raised repeatedly until the root is in more manageable pieces and can be removed. Steffen’s Rental offers two different stump grinders, Stump Grinder- Track, 27HP Barreto and the less powerful Stump Grinder Track 25-30HP for all of your stump removal needs. The 27HP option costs $165.00 daily or $660.00 weekly, while the 25-30HP option costs $150.00 daily and $563.00 weekly.

We also carry a 60HP tow behind stump grinder for your larger easier to get to stumps for $245.00 a day. We also have a 74Hp remote controlled track stump grinder for your harder to get to large stumps for $365.00 a day.

Finally, to help you dispose of your debris, we recommend renting a dump trailer, which can be renting from Steffen’s Rental for $85.00 a day or $340.00 a week.

For all your equipment rental needs, Steffen’s Rental in Florence, Kentucky, has you covered. Over the past several decades in business, we at Steffen’s Rental have prided ourselves on our excellent service and customer satisfaction. If you need any rental equipment for home DIY projects, other contracted business, or party rental items, contact Steffen’s Rental today with questions about our products or reserve your equipment online.