Spring Landscaping Equipment Rentals: Trenchers, Stump Grinders and Chippers

As Spring time approaches it is time to start thinking about spring cleaning not just inside your home but your outdoor space as well.  Yard clean up should be the first step in the process.  Clearing all dead and overgrown trees, stumps and plants as well as clearing debris will uplift the appearance of your home’s landscaping and can make room for new trees and plants.  


At Steffen’s Rental we can help you with landscape equipment rentals in Northern Kentucky, Cincinnati and the surrounding areas including Southern Indiana.  Our rental equipment is designed for home use or professional landscapers and irrigation installation.  Some of the equipment that we offer include Trencher Rentals, Stump Grinder Rentals Equipment, and Chipper Rentals.  Our equipment will help you complete all of your projects including irrigation, landscaping, and tree removal.  In addition, we recommend that you follow a few spring lawn tips to help spruce up your yard as well.

Spring Cleanup Tips

The beginning of your spring cleaning should involve picking up debris from your lawn to include rocks, twigs, branches and leaves.  If you have a lot of debris in your yard you may want to rent a leaf blower or use a rake to remove it.  It is important to remove unnecessary debris not just for cosmetic reasons but it will help promote grass growth and allow you to operate your lawn mower in a safe and efficient manner.  


Always remove any annual plants that have not survived the winter months by pulling them out of the ground.  Pulling up dead plants will not only make your landscaping look neater but it will allow you to grow new healthy plants in their place.  Pulling up the dead annuals will allow water, air and nutrients to get into the soil.  You will also want to trim your ornamental grasses and flowering perennials.  Pruning your shrubs that bloom in the summer is also recommended.  Early Spring is also the ideal time to start prepping your landscape beds for planting and mulching. Steffens offers several sizes of tillers to get this done too.

Stump grinders and Chippers For Rent

Removal of trees and stumps should be on your spring yard cleaning list as well.  There are many ways to remove stumps and Steffen’s Rental can help you with just the right equipment you will need.  You will first need to decide whether to leave a portion or all of the stump in the soil or to remove it completely. There are numerous ways to deal with stumps in your yard with the techniques revolving around soil loosening, extraction, excavation, and reduction.  Reducing the stump by chipping or grinding is the prevalent method used in any modern landscape operation.   Our Barreto stump grinders can help you get that job done.  We have numerous clients who have rented our Barreto equipment and have been extremely pleased with its performance. It is important for any landscape system to recycle all resources as quickly as possible.  We offer chipper rentals as well to help with the recycling process.  

Trenchers For Rent

You may notice this time of year, before the spring showers, that you have areas of your lawn or shrubs that require landscaping irrigation or sprinklers. This is also a great time of year to add landscaping lights, fountains and other yard ornaments.  We have heavy duty walk behind  and stand on trenchers to help you dig your trenches without having to hand dig.   This is especially helpful, as the ground tends to be harder in the spring.  Our trenchers easily dig the trench deep enough for wires or pipe and also cut through roots that have been growing during the winter months.

Spring Lawn Renovation Machines

Mid March is the best time to start renovating your lawn for a thick, green grass.  Start with aerating the soil with one of our Walk behind or towable core aerators.  This will get your soil ready for overseeding with one of our slit seeders available in several sizes to suit your yard size.  This will get your lawn ready for your first application of fertilizer and weed control.   These are all best done before late spring to ensure best results and can be done for a very reasonable price as Steffen’s rental offers both half and full day rates on most lawn equipment. Just call your equipment experts at Steffens for more details!  No matter what your spring-cleaning project entails, we can help you with lawn equipment rentals at Steffen’s Rental.