Equipment Rental: Insulation Vacuum and Blowers



With winter comes the cold, which often can lead to high heating bills.  Insulating your home can help alleviate those high heating bills.  Insulation can help you reduce your heating and cooling bill year-round.  At Steffen’s Rental, we have the equipment that you need for all of your insulating projects to include insulation blower rentals and insulation vacuum rentals for rent 

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, insulating an older home and adding insulation in the winter months can reduce the homeowner’s energy bill enough to cover the cost of the insulation itself in just a few years.  Increased insulations also can make your home more comfortable no matter what the season.  Especially good places to add insulation are in basements, above garages, ducts and foundations.  In the winter months, you will want to concentrate on exterior walls, attics and cathedral ceilings in particular.

Exterior Walls

Blow-in insulation is a great choice when looking to insulate the exterior walls of your home.  Using the dense pack technique will help to create an effective air seal for the home.  If the walls of the home are open because of remodeling, you can use a wet spray cellulose or two-part spray foam insulation.  If the house is being newly built, using a built in structural insulation like insulating wall sheathing might be the best bet.  If the walls of the home are closed, using injectable spray foam is recommended because it will cause the least amount of disturbance.  


Attics are a common heat-loss trouble area in many homes.  Since they are the space between your home and the roof, they are one of the areas of your home that allows heat to escape to the outside.  The most common insulation used in the attic is either batt insulation or loose-fill.  When installed the correct way, loose fill insulation is more effective and cheaper.  When insulating the attic, make sure that all roof repairs have been made prior to insulating.  All vertical walls and access points should be air sealed and insulated as well.

Cathedral Ceilings

Keeping an even temperature in a room with a cathedral ceiling can be challenging.  Insulation can help to keep the room temperature as even as possible which will help keep the temperature even throughout the home.  The most common insulation for this type of project is foil-faced batt insulation because of its permeability.  As with any insulation project is it important to make sure that cathedral ceilings are not only insulated but that they have the proper ventilation.  In other words, insulation material should not butt up to any openings or vents that allow air to flow from inside out.  

Insulation Blower Rentals & Insulation Vacuum Rentals

When those winter months are wreaking havoc on your energy bills, our professionals at Steffen’s Rentals can help you solve that problem with insulation Vacuums & Blowers for Rent in Northern Kentucky, Cincinnati and the surrounding Areas including Southern Indiana.  The most important thing that you can do to reduce your energy costs and make your home more comfortable is insulating your home in the right places with the right insulation.