Equipment Rental for Floor Care, Cleaning and Installation

The flooring in your home takes the brunt of your family’s daily activities.  If not protected, they will be the first surfaces to show wear and tear.  Making sure to properly install your flooring and then maintain it with proper care and cleaning are of the utmost importance.  Investing in your home’s flooring will allow you to add value, comfort and elegance to every room in your home.  At Steffen’s Rental we can help you with equipment rental for floor care, cleaning and installation.

Choosing Flooring

There are virtually hundreds of flooring options available to choose from, each requiring different installation equipment.  It is very important to choose the right flooring from the beginning because the incorrect flooring can undermine your design scheme.  It would also be very costly to replace if you are unhappy with it once installed.  When choosing your flooring and rental equipment, there are a few things that you should consider.

Flooring Function

The function of your room will influence the flooring that you will want.  For instance, wood flooring works well in a living room, but it would not be a good choice for a bathroom because of the moisture content in the room.  Wood flooring can have a tendency to warp when exposed to humidity.  You will need to consider the amount of traffic the room will have and how much wear and tear the flooring will be exposed to.  In a high traffic area, you will want to make sure that you choose a durable option for flooring that will be easy to maintain. Rooms that experience a lot of traffic like a passage, entrance area or a kitchen will require flooring that is resistant to scratches, stains, water and scuffing.  Laminates and linoleums can be great choices for these types of spaces.

Floor Installation Equipment Rental

Steffens carries Hardwood floor nailers for all types of wood including Engineered and Exotic woods. Also, we have tile saws to do all size of tile from 1″ thru 24″ for both homeowner and professional use.  After determining the type of flooring that you want you will then need to determine how to install it and what equipment you will need.  Installing your flooring yourself will help to keep your project budget down.  It is also recommended that you take flooring samples home to see how they will look in the area where you are planning on installing the flooring.  This lets you view the sample in the lighting of your home to help you decide if it goes with your room’s décor.   You will want to talk to the professionals at Steffen’s Rental to determine the equipment that you will need to complete your installation. We can help you with tile floor and hardwood floor installation equipment as well as carpet installation and repair equipment.


You want to keep your flooring looking like new, so maintenance is not something you want to overlook.  In a home where the homeowners lead an active lifestyle or enjoy entertaining, avoiding flooring that needs a lot of maintenance and care would be extremely important. Taking proper care of your flooring will increase its beauty and longevity.

Floor Care and Cleaning Rentals

At Steffen’s Rental we can help you with floor care and cleaning.  Visit our floor care page to view all of the equipment that we have available to help you with maintenance and installation for hardwood floors and polishing and cleaning equipment for all other flooring options.  We offer many options for floor care and rentals as well as carpet cleaning equipment rental. One of our featured attachments for floor scrubbing helps remove difficult substances from your flooring like glue.  Watch the video to see how the Diamabrush works.

If you are looking to install new flooring, repair/maintain existing flooring, or clean your present flooring, we can help you with floor prep equipment rental in Northern Kentucky, Cincinnati and the surrounding Areas including Southern Indiana.