Automotive Tool Rental – Equipment Rental in Northern Kentucky

Nothing is quite as rewarding or challenging as restoring or repairing your own vehicle.  Doing it yourself allows you to save money and do the job the way that you would like for it to be done.  Not to mention that you can take the credit for the end result.  Maintaining your own vehicle can give you an enormous sense of satisfaction.

At Steffen’s Rental we have been providing our clients with Equipment Rentals in Northern Kentucky, Cincinnati, Southern Indiana and the surrounding areas for many years.  We offer a wide variety of automotive tool rentals.  No matter what equipment or automotive tools you need to get the job done we can help you.


Automotive Tool Rentals

When restoring or making repairs to your vehicle, transmission jacks and engine hoists are critical, but they may be difficult to find.  They are also extremely heavy and bulky to keep and store.  That is why renting these types of automotive equipment/tools can be a great choice.  At Steffen’s Rental we offer a wide range of Automotive Equipment Rentals to include:

  • Engine Hoist
  • Floor Jack 3 Ton
  • Impact Driver Electric ¾ inch Drive
  • Impact Driver Electric ½ Drive
  • Impact Drive Electric 1 inch Driver
  • Transmission Jack Floor
  • Polisher Auto



When using any automotive tool to repair or renovate a vehicle it is important that safety is your first priority.  A vehicle is a very complicated piece of machinery with live electrical systems, very heavy parts, and a substantial quantity of flammable material.  All of these things pose a large risk to anyone who is tampering with them.

Do it yourself repairs and renovations should involve extensive planning and a sharp attention to detail.  Following the safety tips below and using good old-fashioned common sense will help make sure that the repairs or restoration project proceeds smoothly and without anyone getting injured.  

Here are a few safety tips to consider:

  • Never try to make repairs when you are tired or distracted.  If you are not focused totally on the project it could lead to you making a mistake.
  • Fuel line work and smoking do not mix.  Smoking while working on a fuel line project could lead to an explosion.
  • Be sure to always disconnect the vehicle battery while doing any electrical work.  If you do not disconnect the battery an electrical shock or surge can result.
  • If your vehicle is equipped with air bags, be careful with them.  Sensors can be pushed around and be triggered, which could cause the airbag to discharge without warning.
  • Be mindful that some parts of the car may be moving and/or hot while you are working.
  • Since dripping car fluids can cause injury if they get into your mouth or eyes, always wear goggles or some type of eye protection while working under the vehicle.
  • It is a good idea to have a fire extinguisher handy while working on any vehicle.
  • Before doing any undercarriage work, make sure the vehicle is supported properly. Make sure that someone who is capable of calling 911 is aware of what you are doing in case of an accident.
  • Never try to make repairs that are out of your ability range.  You could cause damage to your vehicle and more importantly cause harm to yourself.  It is always a good idea when in doubt to contact a professional.

Remember to visit Steffen’s Rental for your entire automotive tool rental needs the next time you undertake a repair or renovation project.