Log Splitter Rentals

With the winter months fast approaching, there is nothing like the warmth and comfort of a wood burning fireplace or stove.   Using Wood for heating your house to supplement your main heating system is a great idea.  It also allows you the peace of mind that it can save you in an emergency or when the power goes out. With thoughts of relaxing in front of the fire comes the task of making sure you have plenty of wood ready for the winter.  Splitting wood can be exhausting.  Luckily, you can rent log splitters from Steffen’s Rental to make the job much easier.

Log Splitters for Rent

Renting a log splitter can help take the tedious labor out of getting wood for your fireplace or stove.  With the right equipment, you will find a tedious job like splitting logs goes much faster.  Before you know it, you’ll be warming up inside by the fire.   No one wants to split wood with an ax anymore when you can easily rent a log splitter saving you time and money.  The experts at Steffen’s Rental can make sure you have just the right equipment for your set up.  We carry 20-26 ton commercial gas powered log splitters with plenty of splitting power for even the largest of logs. Our log splitters are convenient and easy to use, in an upright, vertical position or a flat, horizontal position.  Having the preference to choose your position ensures you the most comfort and ease while you work.

Log Splitter Safety and Operation

Once you have rented your wood splitter take the time to read over all of the materials that accompany it, you will need to be careful using it.  Safety should be your first concern.  Always place the splitter on a level surface making sure that it is not wobbling or that it could be easily tipped over.  You should always wear safety goggles and work gloves when using the equipment.  Making sure to follow the procedures and guidelines will help ensure that you are operating the machinery appropriately.

When renting a log splitter, you’ll have equipment that is lubricated, well maintained and ready to go. Your Steffen’s team member will go over any questions you have about running the equipment so your job will go smoothly from the first log to the last.   We are also here should you have questions about your rental equipment when you get home.

Steffen’s Rental offers quality log splitters for rent in Northern Kentucky, Cincinnati and the surrounding areas including Southern Indiana.  With our convenient location in Florence Kentucky, you’ll find everything you need from your local rental company.